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Ballon Gastrique

Daily Hell

By : on : 1 October 2015 comments : (0)

For some, the act of eating can become a constant concern, an irrepressible need to resort to it, day and night. The food thus loses all its gustative charm to be no more than an obsessive subject, alienating …

Whatever the person, regardless of the complaint, the personality of the subject or the family situation, it should not be forgotten that each case is specific even if the symptom is common.


  1. The Roots of Evil :

Among the roots of evil one can find:

  • An existential ill-being;
  • A problem of identity accentuated by the dictates of our society, fashion, advertising. How to assert oneself while the media convey an image of femininity fine, soft, light knowing how to manage everything? How to be yourself in a society particularly based on the image? : Not a health magazine without finding on cover, either miracle diet;
  • Problems related to childhood and / or adolescence (lack of emotional security or, on the contrary, a feeling of choking in the family structure);
  • Relationship difficulties (themselves sometimes aggravated by the symptom): desire to be loved and fear of being rejected; Want to get involved in a relationship while keeping an eye on the issue; Fear of conflicts, silence and return his negative impulses against oneself;


In a word, as in a hundred, the relation to food is often a palliative to a more general anguish; A palliative to emotions and poorly managed relationships.

  1. Make it out :

A therapeutic work will first ensure that the symptom does not settle and stop the macabre vortex in which the patients often shut themselves.

It is clear that any symptom is like a kind of enforcement that protects against certain internal conflicts. It will therefore be essential to go there in a gentle way and to take care initially to help the individual to identify himself, to express his emotions, to increase his self-esteem.

The therapy does not exclude the essential role of the dietician or the nutritionist nor the installation of an intragastric balloon

« The aim of psychology is to give the patient the opportunity to discover his or her own abilities, resources and inner aptitudes for thinking, judging, feeling … »

Hilde Buch


Article written by Florence Bierlaire
Clinique Antoine Depage
Rue Henri Jaspar 101
1060 Bruxelles
Tél. : 02 538 61 40
Courriel : florence.bierlaire@toutestpossible.be



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