Title, diploma, Certificates en Specialisations

  • 1993: State Doctorate in Medecin from University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France
  • 1998: Certificate for internal Medecin, ULB Brussels
  • 2001: Degree of Gastro Enterologist, ULB Brussels

Special Interests

  • Treatment of obesity with gastric Balloon
  • Inflammatory Bowl diseases
  • Diagnostic and interventional Digestive Tract endoscopy

Current Functions

  • 2007: Adjunct department chief of CHU Brugmann, ULB Brussels
  • 2004: member scientific committee of ULB Brussel
  • 2003: ASHU trainer and mentor of medical students ULB Brussels



Portrait produced by “Maghreb TV” with the support of the Ministry of Moroccans living abroad and the Affairs of migration.