Adaptation to the intragastric balloon

Immediately after laying the balloon, you will experience abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting during the first few days before the stomach gets used to the presence of the balloon. These reactions are normal and predictable.

During this period of adjustment, your doctor will give you strict instructions on how to hydrate you. It is essential to drink plenty of water the first few days and to eat no solid food.
After a few days you will be ready to move in a very gradual way to semi-solid and then solid foods.

After the first few days, your body will adapt to the intragastric balloon and you will eat normal foods according to the nutritional program established by your dietitian.

Your first meeting with the doctor and dietitian usually takes place one week after the balloon is laid.

Your new diet will be explained to you along with the caloric restrictions that accompany it.