Frequently asked questions about the gastric balloon

If you still have questions or if you want an individual interview, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How many kg can I loose ?

    A : You may loose considerable weight, of the order of 15 to 20 kg or even more depending of your starting weight. All this is dependent of your cooperation to the program and your adaptation to the alimentary advice.

  • Shall I feel the balloon in my stomach ?

    A : You may experience an discomfort for several days. After that you may feel the presence of the balloon mainly with a feeling of satiation.

  • What are the side effects of the gastric balloon ?

    A : The first three days can be difficult, you may experience nausea, cramping and even vomiting. These are normal reactions, and therefore, please follow the recommendation given by your physician, and drink sufficient fluids. There are drugs to help to elevate these discomforts.

  • Howlong do I need to recover after the balloon placement ?

    A : Please take a minimum of 3 days to recover of this intervention. Retaking to normal activities will depend from your body’s adaptation to the gastric balloon.

  • What are the differences in terms of weight loss to other weightloss programs ?

    A : You may expect to loose more weight with the gastric balloon. The feeling of satiation will help you to adopt much easier to a changed nutritional behavior.

  • Does the gastric balloon require recurrent visits with the healthcare professional ?

    A : To follow the program in adopting new life-style and changing nutritional habits is primordial. You will be seeing your health care takers every month as long as the balloon is in place. You will be receiving necessary medical, nutritional as physical activity advises, and your evolution will be monitored over this period.

  • Are my activities limited by the gastric balloon ?

    A : We recommend not to make any important appoitments during the first week until your body has fully adopted the gastric balloon. After that you can take up normal activities again. We strongly recommend to increase physical activities in order to improve chances of your success.

  • What if the balloon is leaking ?

    A : By a leaking balloon you will experience a blue-greenish coloring of the urines. Even being very exceptional, this situation may be very critical. In such a case, coloring of the urines, you need to contact your health-care professional as soon as possible. The deflated balloon than, can easily be removed by gastroscope, avoiding such a surgical intervention. The risk is, when you wait too long, that the deflated balloon moves down the gut and gets in exceptional cases blocked,needing to be removed by surgery. In most cases, will a deflated balloon move through the natural pathway. In any case, please do not hesitate to inform your health-care professional.

  • Can I eat everything? Are there nutritional restrictions ?

    A : You will not be able to eat as much as before. The more you keep on eating sweets and fatty meals, the longer the nausea may last. Continue to eat excessive meals may lead to serious medical conditions and need to be prevented at all costs.

  • How is the gastric balloon removed ?

    A : Removing the balloon is the same as placing it through the mouth, under general anaesthesia. The procedure lasts about 20 min.

  • Do I need to participate to the follow-up visits to see some success ?

    A : The gastric balloon is not a wonderpil but a helping tool to change your lifestyle. By taking part to the program you will benefit from the offered support to make changes to life-style habits to a greater success.